What do the members contribute with?2019-10-20T12:19:46+02:00

In 2019-20, GSO will carry out multiple local impact projects. Members must contribute to at least one of them. In addition, each member is also part of an internal hub function that they will help mature.

Meetings are held at least once on a monthly basis, in addition to project-based meetings that each project group decide on. In addition, we also host social gatherings, thematic meetings with an external speaker and subsequent discussion. Members are required to a minimum of meeting pariticpation and hub project(s) delivery.

Does it cost anything to be a member?2019-10-20T12:20:24+02:00

If you are accepted as a member, an annual fee of NOK 400 will be added.

When can I apply?2019-10-20T12:21:52+02:00

We have application process opened occasionally. Follow us on social media and our website for the announcement of the next application round.

Who can join Global Shapers Oslo?2019-10-20T12:23:05+02:00

To join the GSO you have to go through an application process. You must be between 20 and 29 years of age at the time of admission and be able to show that you are a person whose qualities make you a potential for future leadership roles in the community.

You must be able to show that you have started and completed a major impact project, founded a company or organization that can show results, or that you have excelled in your field or field of work. You must have an interest in affecting the environment in Oslo in a positive way and be ready to engage and contribute to the local and global community of the Global Shapers Community.

It is important that you have the opportunity to attend meetings on a continuous basis and contribute to the implementation of GSO’s projects.