How do you become a member?

Global Shapers Oslo is looking for exceptional talents who are either already implementing relevant projects or are showing great potential. We recruit on two issues: 1) through a nomination process, and 2) through open advertising. Information will be announced in relevant channels at all times when there is an open recruitment process.

Benefits of being member of the Community

As a member of the Global Shapers Community, each Shaper will have the opportunity to:

  • belong to a global network of exceptional young leaders who work closely to create a better future, as well as engaging with the wider community of the World Economic Forum, its members and other partners – through physical and virtual arenas,
  • further develop their leadership skills and capabilities through custom projects, programs, workshops, social gatherings, mentoring opportunities, etc. curated by the local hub;
  • gain exposure to thought leadership and knowledge of global, regional and industrial challenges,
  • actively initiate and contribute to local, regional and global initiatives and projects to help create a better future – and the world, and
  • engage in opportunities that strengthen entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial spirit as a means of creating economic and social development.

Criteria to become a member medlem

Read criteria at:

  • Young, extraordinary person with great potential for future leadership roles in society
  • Between 20 and 29 years at the time of nomination
  • Has unique features that set them apart from their peers
  • Focuses on positive social impact / social impact
  • Ready to engage and contribute to both the local and global community of Global Shapers, and help develop both the hub, the hub projects and members
  • Can actively participate in meetings and contribute to hub development and projects in Oslo

New members will have a six months probation period.